UK vs USA - who's winning the design race in the T-Shirt world?

The classic tee will never go out of fashion, but who is winning the creative race?  Traditionally we have seen the US market dominate, particularly insofar as e-commerce sales are concerned, but are we now seeing a new resurgent British contingent stealing a march on our American counterparts?

A quick visit to will show you some of the awesome designs being churned out by UK T-Shirts designers across multiple categories including retro, music, geek, slogan and movie.  Our particular favourite tees on there at present are these:-

NinetiesT shirt at Maintenance Clothing by designer Wotto

Nineties inspired T-Shirt at Maintenance Clothing ( by famous UK-born designer Craig Watkins AKA 'Wotto' (

 Nerd Army T-Shirt by Social Fabrik

Cool new Tee called 'Nerd Army' by the Manchester-based designer Nick Hamilton AKA 'Hammo' ( and available through cool Manchester-based independent clothing label Social Fabrik (

On the other side of the pond, as ever, is a great place to check out both emerging and established USA artists. A recent feature included the exciting work being done by Gerald “Don G” Brown Jr., artist and CEO of Legendary By Design Inc. Here is one of our favourite shirts from their recent collection:-

Legendary by Design Lion T-Shirt

Another great design featured on Tshirtonomy is 'Some Like It Rotten', a crisp merger of Marilyn Monroe with the villain The Joker by butcherbilly, available from at this link.

Some Like It Rotten

I think you'll agree that judging by some of the fresh design work above, the T-Shirt design scene on both sides of the Atlantic is alive and well and long may the battle of the designers continue!!

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